Google Apps in the Classroom

Recently we reviewed how Google Apps can be used in the classroom environment, we looked at how teachers teach the youth of today and how the teaching methods could be adapted and possibly even improved with the use of Google Apps.
Having found hundreds of ways we have decided collated a Google Presentation on just a few of how Google Apps can be used in today’s modern classroom environment

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How Cleves School use Google Apps


Google VLE and Google Migration
Cleves school came to us September 2012 with the idea of transfering their entire school over to Google Apps, with  all the benefits of working from the Cloud with Redundancy, Reliability, Security and Flexibility.

After several weeks of careful planning and consultation with Senior Management team, the migration over to Google Apps was successfully completed.  They school was so pleased they didn’t want to stop with just the teachers, we worked closely with the SMT to create a bespoke Google-based VLE allowing students to login and download their homework, teachers to have discussion threads, and even the facility of reporting an IT Problems when at school with a click of a button!

Once the staff had been using Google Apps for a few days, we ran a t...

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Hello All,

After much discussion we now have our very own website just for Google Apps related discussion and posts! This website is designed to bring you the latest news about Google Apps, what IA Computing is looking into with Google Apps and how you can use it for your school or business!

So please bookmark it, add it as a favourite or even as a homepage!

From us all here

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